Rockwill Installation Team working at Mnarani Beach Resort

Operating eco-friendly in hospitality industry is the new strategy to reduce on high costs in hotels operations. This translate to low cost production strategy which is key competitive edge for green hotels. In today’s service industry such as hotels and restaurants, service quality is not only a competitive advantage but a core attribute. Pursuing low cost production especially in green energy increases on the overall profitability, customer satisfaction and integrity to the ecosystem through reducing on global warming levels.
Energy consumption in hotels is a key cost that reduces the effectiveness of investments in hotels. Energy contributes to about 30% of hotel operating costs. Research forecasts that this will rise by 10% to 25% due to growth in occupancy and demanding of more facilities and service. The use of electronic equipment (computer, TV, music appliances) and the development of operating equipment (electric cooking, cold rooms, elevators, thermoregulatory) are on high rate especially for those facilities that operates 22/7. This is devastating to hotels managers and investors who want to gains returns on their investment. In the end, the costs are transferred to the patrons/ customers of the facilities through the high pricing of the various products and services of the hotels
Globally, energy consumption is an international concern due to carbon footprint. Hotels are reported to contribute 60% of carbon emissions which are on high alarming levels (a report by UNWTO and UNEP). This is projected to have an advance climatic change that is currently threatening human life.
It is because of this reasons that Rockwill Green Energy East African Company is offering solution to reduce energy operating cost and making sure that hotel sector becomes eco- friendly. We have vast knowledge of energy cost reduction strategies and ways to become a green hotel. Our team of researchers and engineers have discovered ways this goals can be achieved in the economy. In Kenya, we have pioneered projects that have seen a number of facilities achieving this goal.
Mnarani Beach Resort have gone green in their operation and this have seen them save an approximate of ksh 500,000 every month after installing Rockwill Green Energy East African Company solar water heaters. The solar water heaters replaced the diesel generators that used to run at 500 litres of diesel per months.
The good news is that we have managed to reduce 186.57kgs of carbon emissions from the previous operations. This way we are playing a big role in moving to eco-friendly operations and reducing on costs.

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