Residential PV systems supply solar power for your home and grid through panels mounted on the rooftop. Solar panels absorb sunlight that is converted into electricity. In addition to mounting systems we do all the cabling and electrical configurations that are essential for any residential PV system.We offer the complete package from availing the panels, installing them and doing all the required circuitry to ensure that your home is up and powered.The G-Home Solar Kit combines energy storage and home energy management systems (HEMS), allowing home owners to store solar energy throughout the night. With bills ever increasing, the self-consumption of solar energy is a smart alternative to save money and reduce carbon footprints.<<More>>

We offer superior, reliable and efficient heat preservation systems, stainless steel tanks and capture rods.With installations done by our competent team of Engineers and technicians, Rockwill Green Energy East Africa, aims at making sure hot water is available all through the day without incurring additional costs on the electric bill.Non Pressurized solar thermal collector. Elegant appearance, easy installation and high efficient heat pipes bring you nice bath.These top-of-the-range solar panel heat collectors are suitable for heating domestic hot water, swimming pools etc – even in winter! One unit is adequate for an average household (3-4 people), and it is modular, so you can add more if required.<<More>>

Maximize Solar Power Consumption
Panels by converting sunlight into electricity that charges the battery to power your home.The batteries take care of Load Shifting i,e. Bridging the gap between peak solar hours with peak demand to avoid excessive bills from the utility grid.Our E-KwBe’s lithium-ion battery does all this and offers you a power backup in the event of an outage.

We are powering counties. We have the capacity to design and build solar power plants in counties that will be able to produce electricity which can be used locally or sold to contribute to the national grid power.By combining Horizontal Single-Axis Trackers with our unique 96-cell modules, the Super 2.5 MW Solar Block is a solar plant that produces energy for electricity, and is developed from the most advanced components on the market.The strategic design of the Solar Block ensures decades of reliable operation, even in extreme environmental conditions.

The Solar Cube 20 kilowatt and 50 kilowatt is ideal for mid sized applications, factories, industries, farms etc.The  ingenuity stems from combining photovoltaic systems (PV) with diesel generators (DG).<<More>>

Air Conditioners supplied by Rockwill Green Energy East Africa are Hybrid solar air-conditioners that use solar energy to work which can save electric energy, easy installation and maintenance.<<More>>