Rockwill Green Energy CPPA (1)

The biggest challenge facing the adoption of solar systems in the corporate world is the huge Initial Capital Investment from the client. It makes no sense if as a client I will have to commit millions of cash to acquire these systems for my institution.

The more we want institutions to adopt renewable energy sources, the more we should think of creating avenues or platforms that make it easy for clients to go green. Rockwill Green Energy East Africa Ltd has designed a model that works for all corporate institutions. We call it Corporate Power Purchase Agreement. Under this model, the client shall not pay any upfront costs for the solar systems, we will take care of the capital investment and charge them Per Consumption at a Fixed Discounted Rate.

This contract runs for a pre-agreed period of time after which we will transfer the whole project to the client at no extra costs. This model gives the client a peace of mind in acquiring solar systems. The client also enjoys savings on electricity months right away after commissioning. This is the best model for areas with High Electricity Demand like Factories, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Cottages, etc.

Our first phase of implementation will see us finance projects of capacity 15MW spread across Kenya. After this we will work on projects in the entire East and Central Africa as well South Africa.

Here at Rockwill Green Energy East Africa Ltd, our mission and vision is to make it easy for institutions to adopt green energy to cut down their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

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